RTPI Scotland – 2015 in numbers

RTPI Scotland Director, Craig McLaren, gives a brief summary of our work in 2015

Page20 - Image RTPI UPDATE

RTPI Scotland has published its Annual Report for 2015.  Of course I’d recommend that you read the full version, but for immediate reference we’ve summarised the year’s achievements in numbers below:

  • 66 events have been held for members across Scotland. The very large majority of these were either free or low-costand were attended by around 2,050 people
  • These include 51 events organised by Chapters: 3 in Dumfries and Galloway; 7 in East of Scotland; 8 in South East Scotland; 11 in Grampian; 6 in the Highlands and Islands; 11 in the West of Scotland; and 6 in the Central Scotland
  • It also includes 12 events organised by Scottish Young Planners Network (including 2 workshops on the Assessment of Professional Competence and the Scottish Young Planners’ Annual Conference)
  • 440 delegates attending the RTPI Scotland Annual Conference, Sir Patrick Geddes Commemorative Lecture and Scottish Young Planners’ Conference
  • 8 policy or briefing papers published in response to consultations, calls for evidence or Parliamentary debates
  • 2 research papers published on linking spatial and community planning and on performance and resources in planning in Scotland.
  • RTPI Scotland has participated in over 20 advisory groups including the Scottish Government Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group; Scottish Urban Air Quality Steering Group; Ministerial Advisory Group on the Crown Estate; and the High Level Group on Planning Performance
  • we now have 2,800 followers on the @RTPIScotland and @ConvenorRTPIS Twitter Accounts (up 47% from 2014)
  • 4 editions of Scottish Planner have been published, each sent to 2,300 people
  • 7 events have been held in 7 chapters to discuss the planning review, attracting 174 people
  • 32 people have gained MRTPI status in Scotland
  • we contributed to 5 programmes on BBC Radio Scotland and made 2 TV appearances on BBC Scotland (Scotland 2015 and Reporting Scotland)

I hope you agree that this has been a succesful year.  Thanks to all who supported our work in 2015.

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