University of Dundee Celebrates Success

University of Dundee Lecturer Dumiso Moyo celebrates the success of MSc Spatial Planning student Alastair Bledowski.

The Town and Country Planning Association (Scotland) award was recently awarded to Alastair Bledowski for his outstanding results in the MSc Spatial Planning Course at the University of Dundee. Alastair was awarded a distinction in MSc Spatial Planning with Sustainable Urban Design. This award is given to the best student in the postgraduate MSc Spatial Planning course.

Awarding the prize Kenneth Drennan from the TCPAS said:
“TCPAS was pleased to have recently set up an arrangement with the University of Dundee to provide for an annual student award.   It has linked our interest in the vital role which the University plays in ensuring a new generation of planners, with a TCPAS commitment to encourage and support young planners. It is good to see the first of these awards now being made and I am delighted to have the opportunity to add my ‘congratulations’ to Alastair on his achievements.  He is an outstanding recipient, and his exceptional performance in securing his MSc with a distinction marks the talent and vitality he can bring to the profession.  I wish him every success for the future.”

Alastair TCPS Award
Former Senior Lecturer Barbara Illsley presenting the Award to Alastair

Accepting the award Alastair said:
“I am delighted to be presented with the Town and Country Planning Association Scotland’s award. Throughout my studies the ideas of the early planning pioneers were a source of inspiration to me. In particular Ebenezer Howard’s plans for creating healthier towns and engaging people in planning were particularly innovative. His ideals continue to stimulate debate through the TCPA, who carry forward that same spirit and ambition for quality planning and for putting people into the heart of the planning process.  I am therefore delighted to be the first recipient of the TCPA Scotland award and I hope that in the future the award will continue to provide encouragement to graduates, as it has for me. I would like to thank TCPA Scotland for the award and also my classmates and staff in Town and Regional Planning at the University of Dundee for their invaluable support in my studies.”

On completion of his studies Alastair quickly gained a job in the Development Plan team at Aberdeenshire Council.

The Director of the MSc Spatial Planning Programmes Dr Dumiso Moyo was very grateful to the TCPAS offer and noted that the programme attracts excellent and talented students who will certainly have future impact in the planning profession.

The MSc Spatial Planning Course is a one year full time course or two years part-time. The distinctive character of the programme is the specialisms on offer. Students graduate with an RTPI accredited MSc in Spatial Planning with Sustainable Urban Design, Environmental Assessment, Marine Spatial Planning, Urban Conservation or Geographic Information Systems.

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