Planning For Legacy: Reflections

RTPI Scotland’s Planning Policy and Practice Officer, Nikola Miller, starts off the first in our Blog Series reflecting on the RTPI Scotland Centenary Conference theme of “Planning for Legacy”.

The RTPI Scotland Centenary Conference 2014 was held in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena on 7th October 2014: “Planning for Legacy: Sustainability and Resilience for Long Term Benefit”, embracing the RTPI Centenary’s theme of legacy.

Minister for Local Government and Planning, Derek Mackay, encouraged us as planners celebrate successes and create a legacy for the future.

“The RTPI Centenary is an opportunity to reflect on the last 100 years to make sure that we get the next 100 years right.”

For me, this is a key message for planners, planning and the planning system: learning from the past to shape the future, and creating great places for people through a strong long term vision. The Conference gave us an opportunity to reflect on the places we create, and the impact we as planners have on the way our places change and evolve over time.

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is a success story in delivering development including significant housing on a large scale, regenerating Glasgow’s east endDundee Waterfront is creating a legacy for the future of a connected city, with homes, jobs, hotel and leisure facilities, and new urban quarters, amounting to the biggest single change in Dundee for several generations, and creating a real place that will survive.  These places are innovative and inspiring and showcase the important role that planners, planning and the planning system have on delivering development and promoting sustainable economic growth in Scotland.

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village - care home
Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village – Planning for Legacy

We encourage live tweeting from our RTPI Scotland events.  This allows us to build up a picture of the event, and emphasises key themes, issues and outcomes from presentations and discussion.  Using the range of tweets on the day of the Conference, we have created a story of the Conference on Storify, highlighting key issues, themes and outcomes from the event. This is interactive and allows you to follow, retweet or simply read the story as it takes you through the day.

To further explore the theme of legacy, we have asked a number of planners to contribute towards our Blog Series on reflections on the theme of Planning for Legacy and the Centenary Conference.  These will be published in sequence in the upcoming days. To contribute to the discussion, email



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